Susan B. Roara



Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

Will’s life is unconventional enough, living with his mentally unbalanced mother in a less than desirable neighborhood while doing his best to maintain a passable high school persona. He really doesn’t need the added pressure of advice from the strange gypsy woman who appears to him long enough to offer disturbing words or future thought. She’s probably just another nut case anyway. But her words of his life’s path and unlocking the boxes of his personal grid haunt him periodically as he works toward ensuring he and his mother a comfortable life and balancing his emotions concerning his heart’s interest in the fair Rachel. As Will begins to understand the power of positive suggestion, his existence becomes a living metaphor for all those around him. Faced with the reality of negative temptations, Will is forced to make choices unfair to our youth.

The Hope Grid by Susan B. Roara is a powerful story of self-discovery that takes the reader on a surprising journey full of unexpected twists and turns. The realistic details of nontraditional family situations and the unbiased attitude of youth are two major themes Roara explores. Advertised as a story with strong religious ties, The Hope Grid is anything but expected. Brutal in-the-face issues meet the reader head-on in this life-altering story of making good life decisions. Be certain to read the Author’s Note at the beginning of the book to better understand Susan B. Roara’s writing purpose and intent. The Hope Grid is a wonderful story for troubled youth and those struggling with spiritual purpose. It is an eye-opening novel.