Susan B. Roara



The Hope Grid
     High school senior William has a lot on his plate:  Between caring for his mentally ill mother, helping his best friend through a family crisis, and working up the courage to talk to his crush, he has little time for himself.  When a strange gypsy approaches him, warning him to make the right choices, he brushes off her ramblings of what she calls The Hope Grid. 

     A troubled neighbor gives William a bag of drugs and, aware that he never puts himself first, William decides to take on a one-time role as the school's drug dealer.  But things quickly spiral out of control, and when his desire to impress friends with drug use goes too far, William's life comes to an end...but his lessons on life are just beginning. 

     William must watch as his friends and family continue to navigate life without him, making choices...both good and bad.  But Can William inspire his friends to open the right boxes and follow the right life path? 
The Right Family
     Lucy has always had a soft spot for Jack. As they grow up together, their relationship turns into something more, but when tragedy strikes, Jack is whisked away never to be heard from again.

     Several years pass. The boys in high school don't interest Lucy, and she continues to think about Jack.  Where did he go? What does he look like? Does he think of her? When she finds out where Jack might be located, halfway across the county in Indiana, Lucy drives to meet him, not knowing what she'll find, if he'll recognize her, if he'll turn her away, or if he'll even be there.

     But when Lucy's mom suffers a long-coming mental breakdown, shattering the family to pieces, Lucy is pulled back to Connecticut, left wondering what will become of her and her long-lost love.
My Mother's Gift
     Lucy has a lot on her plate. While dealing with the unexpected and tragic death of a family member, Lucy realizes she has been given an extraordinary gift:  She can communicate with the departed and sense things that are no longer a part of our world.

     While honing her psychic skills, Lucy copes with the grief of death and tries to keep her broken family together amid their morning.   Meanwhile, Lucy's relationship with Jack is strained, and she wonders if she can keep him in her life when dealing with her family's misery. 

     But tragedy strikes Lucy's family again, and Lucy's new skills are put to the test as she races against the clock to save one of her siblings, who has vanished without a trace.
Vintage Hearts
     Years have passed in Lucy and Jack's lives.  Although their marriage has produced two beautiful children, their once-solid relationship has weakened.  Unhappy in her marriage, Lucy wonders if she's made the right decisions, and she wonders where life would be if she choose an alternate route-one where she stayed with Nicholas.

     Suddenly, a loved one is killed, and the family must rely on each other for support.  At the farm, Lucy, Jack, Kat and Charles unite to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. In the midst of their grief, Nicholas unexpectedly reappears in Lucy's life, offering her an opportunity for the escape she desires-along with a financial reward that is too good for Lucy's struggling family to miss. Lucy realizes she must do what's necessary for her family-even if it means leaving the country and betraying her husband's trust.